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“Today I  had a profound experience delivered by newly born Mizan therapist Kasia Muchowska. This unique therapy restores balance, increases the cicirculation to reproductive organs, helps to reposition a misaligned uterus, and also reconnect women with womb space. Body stores all memories and during the treatment some of the most beautiful images came back and reminded me what it means to be truly loved. Highly recommend to approach Kasia not only if you suffer from hormonal imbalances but also when you want to connect to your wombspace and listen to its whispers.”

Jo Wolf

It was my first experience receiving mizan therapy and was beyond my expectations. Kasia creates a safe and heartwarming space which is so essential as the touch travels deeply beyond our minds. If you think about what to give to yourself, this is the perfect gift, and it can be addictive as I feel called back. I also received beutiful closing and opening ceremony that was just the conclusion of some cycle of my life, it was truly beautiful after all I felt safe in my body, peaceful and calm in mind. As a shamanic, sound practitioner I highly recommend Kasia's service. Words can't explain the healing purpose of touch. So if you wonder, try it
Gratitude Womb Space Holder- Mizan Theraphy


First time trying out Mizan and I received more than I expected. Kasia creates a safe and warm environment with holistic active listening. She discusses symptoms and offers complementary custom advice to further look into. Her gentle energy and intuitive touch helped me deeply relaxed leading to an unusual boost of energy in me afterwards. I thought that it was fantastic that the basic massage movements were taught at the end so I could keep practicing. Thank you for showing me how to connect to my womb


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