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Few words about me

Mizan therapist is a gentle healing companion who assists you with the process of restoration of Your own physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

My name is Kasia Muchowska. I was born in Poland and for the past 19 years, I have been living in Scotland. I studied immunology and toxicology and worked in a research lab until, one day, I realised that there is a different path that my heart would like me to follow. This was the path of holistic healing. An approach that allows me to accompany someone in their process of healing, and empower them, rather than present a pill to mask some symptoms.

Every woman is unique and deserves equally unique treatment. Above all, she deserves time, space and the feeling of being cared for with dignity. I believe that each womb is sacred and I would like to bring back that feeling of sacredness to the lives of as many women as I can. Mizan therapy is an amazing tool and I am honoured to be one of the practitioners. I work with woman on every stage of their life journey, childbearing years, menopause, during pregnancy and postnatally. 

Kasia Muchowska portrait

What is Mizan Therapy?

It is so much more than a belly rub! Mizan is a gentle yet very powerful, non-invasive external massage that brings healing to the womb space by restoring the uterus back to its rightful place inside the pelvis.

Pregnancies, ageing, and lifestyle can cause the muscles and ligaments that hold the uterus to become loosen and weaken, causing the womb to fall downward, forward, backward, to either side or a combination of these. When reproductive organs tilt, they can constrict the normal flow of blood and lymph, disrupt nerve connections and prevent the flow of Qi (life energy). By encouraging the womb back into place, homeostasis - the natural balance of the body is restored. Following that, toxins can be flushed from the body and nutrients that help to tone tissue and balance the hormones are invited back in.

What symptoms can Mizan help with?

The list is very long, you would be surprised how many complaints could actually be the symptoms of a wandering womb. Starting with painful menstruation, endometriosis, irregular cycles, uterine polyps and fibroids, fertility problems, difficult menopause, to constipation, low backache, frequent urination and bladder infections (because of the close proximity of the urinary and digestive systems, abdominal massage can also help with urinary, digestive and bladder problems).

Is Mizan therapy only a massage session?

No. The philosophy of Mizan is a holistic one and therefore as a therapist, I am looking at my client's body, mind and spirit as intimately interconnected parts that are impossible to be addressed in separation from one another. During the session, we can discuss the client's complaint in correlation with diet, lifestyle, emotional needs and anything else that we will both find relevant. Herbs, tinctures and castor oil packs are the tools that I use to further aid the healing process.

What do I love most about Mizan?

I actually love everything about it! The fact that it is relatively simple and yet so deep and powerful; connects women to their wombs and brings their power back. The feeling of cosiness and well-being that the massage itself creates. The fact that it enables me to gently accompany a woman on the path to being her own healer by giving her simple, accessible tools to do so. 

Mizan Bed

Discover Mizan Therapy

What happens during Mizan treatment?

We begin with a consultation, during which we go through the intake form that you will be given prior to our meeting. By answering the questions from the form, you allow me to get to know your health history and be able to tailor the treatment to your needs. I go though any herbs and tinctures that are recommended for your condition.
During our conversation, we can go as deeply as you wish into what brings you to me. It is time for you and I am always honoured by being able to hold this space for women. I believe that listening to someone with an open heart brings a lot of healing and has great power.
Then we move on to the massage. If you prefer, you can remain mostly dressed (pants, bra and top that you won’t regret having stains from oil on are ideal), you will be covered by a sheet and blankets to keep you warm. I begin the massage on your front and need access to your belly starting from the pubic bone up to your rib cage. Parts of the front, and also back massage, are done with oil on bare skin and parts are performed through the sheet. Most women find this massage very relaxing and soothing and sometimes they experience emotional release when I work on their solar plexus and around the navel. Once again, this is your sacred time and there is space for anything that needs to be expressed or released. 

Following the massage, I give you time to slowly come back to ‘here and now’ and dress. We can then discuss your feelings, if you want to, and I teach you the self-care routine that is crucial to this therapy. I want to give you tools to put your health back into your hands. You are your own healer!

Mizan for womb health


Painful menstruation, clots during menstruation, endometriosis, painful ovulation, uterine fibroids or polyps, PMS, uterine infections, painful intercourse, irregular menstrual cycles, vaginal yeast infections/vaginitis/dry vagina, bladder infections..

If you recognise any of those conditions as the one that you suffer from, it means that most probably your uterus is misaligned. Sadly, not very many medical professionals are going to address tilted womb as a primal cause of many conditions that a lot of women suffer from. And most importantly, no pills or even herbs are going to bring the permanent relief unless this misalignment is corrected. Menstruation should not be painful! Physiologically, our uterus has two main functions: either to grow a baby or to clean herself from the endometrium if there is no baby to be nourished. In her normal position within the womb, during the bleed, the nerves cause gentle waves that enable the womb to flush the menstrual fluids easily and efficiently and without causing discomfort or pain!

So what happens when the uterus is tilted? Let’s look back at the list of symptoms above. Each of them stems from the lack of proper flow of vital force through nerves, lymph and blood circulation. There is painful twisting and turning in an effort to expel the thickening, hardened fluids. The build-up causes blood thickening and with time, clots. Lack of proper blood flow blocks the hormonal communication between the reproductive system and the brain. The good news is, all this can be corrected!  During the treatments that I will perform and also your self-care, we will gently bring healing to your womb and restore the balance. 

How many treatments are needed?

It very much depends on the severity of your complaint. The frequency may vary from once a moth, in mild cases, to 3 treatments in a week in very severe one. Usually I recommend to start with more frequent meetings and then slowly ease off to one session per month.

Mizan leaflet


Imagine that your womb is a garden. What would you do to grow some beautiful vegetables? Would you start from taking out any stones and weeds, then move on to digging the soil, turning it over, make sure that it is soft and nourished enough to be able to support life? If you agree with me on that we are on the right track.

Your fertility depends on a series of processes working in the correct sequence and in conjunction with each other. If the uterus is not in alignment, it is difficult  - and often impossible - for the body to work in harmony to bring about the miracle of conception. Mizan therapy can help you to facilitate your preparation to become pregnant. As a therapist, I can assist you in the process of cleansing, rebuilding, nourishing and aligning your womb. We will use massage, herbs, tinctures and castor oil packs to bring back the much needed balance. You are a woman, your body is design to grow new life! Our sessions are a great opportunity for you to connect to yourself with love and kindness.

How many treatments are needed?

There are two protocols that we could follow. 3 month protocol, when you do not try to conceive during this period and you decide to use contraception, is stronger and usually brings better results. We can focus on cleansing, massage, self-care, castor oil packs and steaming, without having to take breaks for ovulation. This time is treated as a uterine rest, time which we devote to prepare your womb for pregnancy and ideally we should have 3 sessions within the first month followed by one session a month. 

If you prefer not to use contraception and actively try to conceive, we should schedule our session as soon as possible after your menstruation and it must be prior to ovulation. Ideally we should meet weekly for two weeks then monthly if conception has not occurred. All sessions must be done before ovulation.

Mizan for pregnancy and post natal period


‘Birth is a profound rite of passage, the woman is making the journey from maiden to mother, bringing a new life into the world. When she births, it is not only a baby that is born, but also a mother.’ 

Bushra Finch

I am honoured to offer women my support during their journey through the childbearing year. By offering careful, loving touch to the mother, we ensure not only her wellbeing but also that of her baby, during pregnancy and also post partum. 

Mizan for pregnancy has many incredible benefits. It is designed to ensure there is optimum circulation of arterial and venous blood, lymph, nerve and qi to the pelvic area. It may help to relieve common discomforts such as indigestion, heartburn, nausea, low back ache, sciatica, pressure and burning sensation in groin area, constipation, headaches etc. Regular Mizan treatments and self-care can also help to encourage the baby into optimaI positioning to facilitate labour and birth by toning, strengthening and balancing of the uterus. 

When the mother focuses on her baby during the massage, it helps to synchronise them both. The release of oxytocin supports mum and baby relationship and bonding and also prepares the uterus and placenta for labour and birth. 

Mizan during the post natal period is always tailored to the specific needs of a new mother. I fully appreciate how special and often vulnerable this period is. And also, in our modern world, how difficult it is to create a safe, quiet and full of trust environment for post natal recovery. 

In traditional cultures, which have a deep understanding of the need for the new mother to be cared for, post natal healing includes nourishing foods, a period of rest and withdrawal, massage and binding with cloth. My deram is for such care to be given to each new mother again. 

To honour the end of the 40-days post natal period I offer The Ritual of Sacred Wrapping. It is a traditional way of closing the woman's body which stayed energetically opened during pregnancy. It is a symbol of crossing the threshold, from being pregnant and giving birth to having an empty belly again. To me personally, it was a beautiful way of honouring the sacredness of my body and also a reflection on the profound rite of passage I have been through. 

I perform Sacred Wrapping by using long scarfs to tie woman's body at her feet, knees, pelvis, rib cage and head. I let her lie in warmth and darkness created by wrapping for as long as she needs, never leaving her side, waiting for her signal to be unwrapped, reborn again. 

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