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Are you looking for a full Mizan experience with a consultation, massage and self-care tutorial or just a relaxing massage session, please contact me to ask questions, or alternatively to book an appointment.

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Mizan Therapy


Initial consultation and treatment

This session usually takes over 2h. We discuss your present health situation in order to tailor this treatment exactly to your needs. I then perform the massage and teach you the self-care routine.


Subsequent treatments

We begin with a short consultation followed by Mizan massage. This session lasts about 1,5h.


Mizan pregnancy massage
(price depends on the length of the appointment)

Short consultation, deeply relaxing Mizan massage and self-care tuition. This session takes about 1,5h.


Mizan as a relaxing massage

1h of a deeply relaxing Mizan massage.

Any tinctures, herbs or castor oil packs that you would like to include in the treatment need to be ordered and paid for separately.

Postpartum Doula Services

Can be combined with Mizan massage for even deeper postpartum care


Postpartum home visits
Minimum 2h booking

  • Emotional support for new parents

  • Light housework (laundry, dishes, ironing, tidying etc)

  • Providing evidence based information about physiology oriented, gentle baby care 

  • Baby wearing support

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Education about appropriate nourishment 

  • Meal preparation


Closing Ceremony

Also called Sacred Wrapping, is is a beautiful way of honouring and closing the postpartum period. Stepping through the threshold of becoming a new mother.

Price variable 

Nourishing traditional meals

Nourishing foods is one of the most important pillars of postpartum period. I prepare those at home using mostly organic ingredients and bring them along for the visit.

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